ARCZON offers diverse inspection services to provide trusted support for products, projects, and processes. Their independent thirdparty inspections can help protect financial, branding, and legal interests across the entire supply chain. Inspections minimize the risk of defective products and ensure quality products are manufactured and delivered to their final destination. ARCZON inspects a variety of products and materials, including consumer goods and high-value bulk commodity cargoes. They also support the life management of plant facilities with inspection and testing for safe and reliable operation.

Covering a wide range of services, these inspections are designed to control quality, verify quantity and meet regulatory requirements. Our inspection services give companies confidence in the reliability and integrity of their products, assets and systems.

Third Party Inspection

ARCZON provides a comprehensive range of services related to inspection, certification, and quality assurance. Third-party inspection and certification services can help ensure that products and services meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Third-party inspection and certification services involve verifying that products or services meet specific industry standards and regulatory requirements. Vendor inspection involves evaluating the quality and suitability of products and services provided by vendors. Product inspection and certification involve inspecting and certifying products for quality and safety. Our inspection services that cover the entire process, from raw material to final dispatch, testing, and commissioning on-site. This can help ensure that products and services meet industry standards and specifications throughout the entire production process

Surveillance and expediting services involve monitoring the progress of projects to ensure they are completed on time and within budget. Quality assurance services, such as vendor and technical inspection, help ensure that goods related to mechanical, electrical, electronic, and civil work meet industry standards and specifications.


ARCZON has a dedicated team for shutdown inspections of equipment, refineries, pipelines, plant and machinery, petrochemical complexes, fertilizer and other types of units. They conduct health assessments and residual life assessment activities, following all applicable international standards and good engineering practices such as API and client procedures.


Large-scale construction projects, whether onshore or offshore, require input from experienced personnel to ensure their safe and successful completion. Construction companies need support with project planning, procurement, health and safety, project site inspection, and other quality services to effectively manage these projects.


ARCZON offers a diverse range of inspection services that can provide valuable support for a wide variety of products, projects, and processes. Inspection services can help ensure that products meet the required specifications and quality standards, that projects are completed on time and within budget, and that processes are efficient and effective.


We assess your needs, helping you understand the scope of work, including the required preparation, suitable coating or lining, and the expected outcome.


Our experienced professionals monitor the application process to ensure it adheres to proper procedures, from correct surface preparation to optimal environmental conditions.


We conduct thorough post-application inspections to confirm the proper application of coatings, painting, or lining. This includes visual inspections, dry film thickness (DFT) checks, adhesion testing, and holiday detection for pinholes or defects.


We provide comprehensive inspection services for all mechanical, electrical, electronic, and civil equipment to ensure compliance with project specifications and requirements. Our inspection process includes a preproduction meeting, inspection of all raw materials, hold-point stage inspections, witnessing of all tests, verification of certificates, and a final release inspection, as specified in the project specification and any deviations from the client's requirements.
Our experienced inspectors conduct thorough inspections of raw materials to ensure the correctness of metallurgy, dimensions, surface finish, and other parameters before the start of the manufacturing process. We ensure that all quality and quantity requirements of raw materials, as per the Bill of Materials and specified grade specifications, are met. Our inspectors follow prescribed or internationally accepted codes and standards to carry out visual inspections, NDE, and other necessary inspections.


Our Professional coatings project design and independent paint or coating inspection services help owners of industrial and commercial structures mitigate the risks of corrosion by verifying the quality and longevity of protective coating systems.
A leading provider of coating, painting, and lining inspection services. With our comprehensive expertise, we assure you of the highest quality standards for longevity and efficiency in your operations. Whether you are in the oil and gas, maritime, infrastructure, power generation, or chemical industry, our team of certified experts is dedicated to meeting your specific needs.


AVendor inspections involve witnessing testing activities at the supplier's premises during production and subsequent stages to verify conformity with international standards or technical specifications stated in the contract. This helps ensure that products meet the necessary requirements before they are sent to the installation site.
In industries such as Oil & Gas, refinery, Petrochemical, and Power Generation, the development and continued operation of a project rely heavily on the quality of equipment, products, and components delivered by vendors. With procurement assigning a large number of items from various manufacturers worldwide.


In-service inspections from ARCZON – Ensuring effective maintenance, comprehensive inspections, accurate performance verification, and preventive failure analyses to optimize productivity and minimize disruptive downtime.

In an industry where safety and compliance are now more pivotal than ever, clients rely on our In-Service Inspection Services at ARCZON for their requirements. We take pride in providing access to our team of certified professionals who foster partnerships built on trust and Total Quality Assurance.

Our highly trained and certified inspectors and examiners ARCZON's Asset Integrity Management (AIM) are readily available to clients in the refining, petrochemical, oil and gas, and power sectors. Whether you need to establish a riskbased inspection program, manage a turnaround, or conduct routine compliance inspections, our services are designedto offer a cost-effective, high-quality, and value-added solution. Trust us to be your reliable partner in maintaining the integrity of your assets and operations.

  • Pipeline integrity management
  • Corrosion monitoring
  • AProcess Equipment inspection (Pressure vessel/Piping)
  • Mechanical integrity management system
  • Inspection and technical assistance during turnarounds
  • Statutory and voluntary inspection
  • Pressure equipment certification
  • Service life prediction
  • Coating inspection and failure analysis
  • Commissioning and in-service inspections
  • Crane inspection and inspection of hoisting and lifting equipment
  • Failure analysis and failure prevention
  • Electrical installations
  • Risk based inspection
  • Storage tank inspection, audit and calibration
  • Rig inspection, drill pipe inspection and tubular inspection
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Services
  • Valve and instrumentation calibration and maintenance

Power Plant Inspection

Our organization offers inspection services utilizing our technical expertise to provide quality assurance for various aspects of power plant operations. Our services include inspection for power plant construction, maintenance, shutdown, repair, in-services, and procurement of equipment and accessories.

With our vast experience in the field, we specialize in providing inspection services for various types of power plants including thermal power plants, gas power plants, nuclear power plants, wind power plants, and solar power plants. We follow international standards and industry codes to ensure that all inspections are conducted thoroughly and accurately. Our goal is to provide our clients with reliable and accurate inspection reports that help them maintain the safety, reliability, and efficiency of their power plant operations.

Drilling & Work Over Rig Inspection

Our organization specializes in providing technical inspection services in the oil and gas exploration sector, particularly in the upstream segment. We understand that oil and gas exploration jobs require high levels of technical expertise to ensure the safety, efficiency, and quality of the products and processes involved.

We offer inspection and certification services for drilling and workover rigs, both onshore and offshore, along with rig accessories such as drilling pipes, HWD pipes, masts, wire ropes, drill collars, lifting bails, inline subs, crossovers, and equipment like mud pumps, generators, and compressors. Our experienced technical inspectors utilize advanced inspection techniques and technologies to detect any potential issues or defects in the equipment and accessories.

Our goal is to provide reliable and accurate inspection reports that help our clients maintain the safety, reliability, and efficiency of their operations. We follow international standards and industry codes to ensure that all inspections are conducted thoroughly and accurately.